Privacy Fence

Superspan India provides Privacy Fences/ Wind Breaks for Industries, Shipping ports, Airports, Power Plants and construction sites for Prevention of spread of dust, debris around coal berths, construction site, stockyards etc. We also provide Privacy Fences with Zero Transparency suitable for more high security applications such as Airports, Test Tracks etc.

At Superspan India, we provide custom designs based on Height requirements, transparency requirement as per the clients request and based on ground conditions for construction around Test Tracks, Buildings, protected areas which need to be kept out of public view.

Benefits of installing Privacy fence/Windbreak

  • Ten Year Warranty. Life Span up to 15 years.
  • Custom Designs to best suit the requirements of clients.
  • Reduced Insurance Premiums.
  • Unlimited Coverage.
  • Fast Installation over any ground conditions.
  • Manufactured in India to reduce installation and commissioning times while maintaining the highest standards of Quality and Safety over the lifetime of the structures.
  • Height up to 12 Meters
  • Designed up to 200 KMPH windspeeds